Code of Ethics


Consent to Conduct Background Checks and Confidentiality:

Potential candidates / Candidates for all paid positions will be informed during the pre-employment process that any offer of employment is contingent upon completion of a background check with results acceptable under this policy (see below). Prior to conducting the background check, a signed, written consent will be obtained from the Candidate. Refusal to authorize the background check will make the Candidate ineligible for employment. The information obtained through background checks is confidential and will be shared only with individuals with an essential business need to know. Records of the background check will be maintained in the Office of Human Resources separately from the employee personnel files. Generally, employment in the position should not begin until Asire Consulting LLP (“Asire”) has received and reviewed the results of the background check. Exceptions may be made at the hiring department’s request with the approval of the Office of Human Resources / Management.

Determining Required Background Checks for Position

Candidates for all staff positions at Asire are subject to standard background checks of employment, educational, criminal, and sex and violent offender histories. Candidates for all positions at Asire are subject to background checks of criminal and sex and violent offender histories. Criteria for identifying a position as possibly requiring license, credit, or other additional background checks include but are not limited to:

Background Checks for Current Employees

Background checks will not be required for current Asire employees under the following circumstances:

Background Checks for Former Employees

Background checks will not be required for former Asire employees who are offered a regular or temporary position within one year of ending their most recent Asire employment, so long as the background check or checks required for the position were completed within the five (5) years preceding the rehire.

Evaluation of Background Check Results

Once the background checks are completed, Asire will make a final hiring decision based upon the information gathered. For purposes of this policy only, “Asire” refers to a decision by HR made in consultation with the head of the hiring department for staff. If negative information is obtained through the background check process, the appropriate parties, as identified in the preceding sentence, will determine whether the information is job related and if a decision not to hire would be consistent with business necessity. In making this determination, the appropriate parties will consider, among all other relevant information, the following:

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